AutoPilot – Night Calculations Active

Im proud to say we are pushing out new features quicker than our roadmap for you all! Today we launched night time calculations. Any flight that you add or import will be automatically calculated for night time based off true Civil twilight of your departure and arrival stations. This new feature is a huge compliment to the automatic Cross Country calculations we launched two days ago.

If you see something you would like to see added please reach out to use via support ticket in your panel or via email!

Thank you for trusting Crew121. We are glad to keep raising the bar and adding features for you.

New Feature – XC time

Today we launched Cross Country Calculations and totals! Every flight is calculated from Departure to Arrival and if over 50NM AutoPilot will log it as XC automatically! This feature has been enabled and all past flights you have in the system already calculated. Night time is up next and should be completed soon.