As I’m sure most everyone has seen this last week has been challenging for the few of us trying to provide any service to the pilots.

Unfortunately I cannot speak on the matter much, because well, I value my job, but the important point is I was required to disable any and all connections to the AA servers as well as return all data that AutoPilot obtained from JetNet.  Fortunately, we really don’t get much from JetNet.  Just dates and flight numbers mostly.  We take that data and use our own database from public sources to fill everything else needed for a logbook.

With all that said, we are still able to operate! But we have permanently disabled all connections to AA servers so that means no more automatic SYNC.  We do still have the Copy/Paste method (FlashBack) available which takes just a few seconds to paste your pay sheet into the import window and update your logbook or using the manual entry option to type any flight in.  Sadly, the pay sheets are a month behind, so our favorite feature of no lag time logbook is, for now, dead.

As of May 29th, we have cleared out all Employee Numbers and the Encrypted JetNet and DECs passwords from our system.  Since Auto Sync is disabled they are no longer required and you will never be asked to input any of these passwords.

Although we never stored your actual passwords, only a highly encrypted string, it is advisable by both AA IT and Crew121, that you go ahead and change your JetNet and or DECs passwords.

Since the daily SYNC has been disabled, I have removed the monthly plan offering.  Any customers that were on a monthly plan have been given access to FlashBack to manage your logbook.

We are moving forward in features and optimization of the system.  I thank you for your patience during this time and working with us with the limited info we had.  While we cannot currently sync your data, I assure you that the current state of AutoPilot is still very useful to keep up to date.

I am planning to have a positive relationship with the company and follow the guidelines set to gain the proper approvals to once again activate SYNC in the future.  I’m sure this won’t be in the near future, but it is definitely on my mind.


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