I’m proud to finally release Crew121 to everyone. AutoPilot Logbook is our first product to be released and is currently available now. AutoPilot was designed to allow you to be totally hands off on your logbook and your flights will be loaded daily into your logbook, automatically, both historical data as well as future.

Unfortunately AA IT asked us to disable that until we can go through their approval process. Once that process is complete we will re-enable that feature for all users.

Since AA IT has handcuffed us we decided to do a launch special price of $50/year or $5 per month. Yearly includes FLASHBACK, the ability to import historical data, free of charge and just $30 one time for monthly package.

See how quick it is to import your pay sheet manually – https://youtu.be/mPSiezjmfxc (Automatic is even easier)Sign up now and start getting your logbook updated.

Features being added:
– Carry in Totals
– Import CSV (Including non airline flying)
– Export CSV, PDF, ect in logbook formats
– Smart Reports
– Much more!!

I have several more products coming out in the near future that all tie in together to give everyone one really awesome platform. Stay tuned!

Support is top notch and offered via Chat, Support Ticket, Email, and Slack. We will always respond to you and get any issue resolved.Payments available via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card, or PayPal – Your choice.

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