Alive and Kicking…With News!

As I’m sure most everyone has seen this last week has been challenging for the few of us trying to provide any service to the pilots.

Unfortunately I cannot speak on the matter much, because well, I value my job, but the important point is I was required to disable any and all connections to the AA servers as well as return all data that AutoPilot obtained from JetNet.  Fortunately, we really don’t get much from JetNet.  Just dates and flight numbers mostly.  We take that data and use our own database from public sources to fill everything else needed for a logbook.

With all that said, we are still able to operate! But we have permanently disabled all connections to AA servers so that means no more automatic SYNC.  We do still have the Copy/Paste method (FlashBack) available which takes just a few seconds to paste your pay sheet into the import window and update your logbook or using the manual entry option to type any flight in.  Sadly, the pay sheets are a month behind, so our favorite feature of no lag time logbook is, for now, dead.

As of May 29th, we have cleared out all Employee Numbers and the Encrypted JetNet and DECs passwords from our system.  Since Auto Sync is disabled they are no longer required and you will never be asked to input any of these passwords.

Although we never stored your actual passwords, only a highly encrypted string, it is advisable by both AA IT and Crew121, that you go ahead and change your JetNet and or DECs passwords.

Since the daily SYNC has been disabled, I have removed the monthly plan offering.  Any customers that were on a monthly plan have been given access to FlashBack to manage your logbook.

We are moving forward in features and optimization of the system.  I thank you for your patience during this time and working with us with the limited info we had.  While we cannot currently sync your data, I assure you that the current state of AutoPilot is still very useful to keep up to date.

I am planning to have a positive relationship with the company and follow the guidelines set to gain the proper approvals to once again activate SYNC in the future.  I’m sure this won’t be in the near future, but it is definitely on my mind.


SYNC Activation

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Ladies and Gentlemen – Boys and Girls – Children of all ages

The update we have all been waiting for has finally come….
We are ready to flip the switch on SYNC to automatically update your logbook DAILY!

After extensive testing we are happy to finally bring this feature to life. I am hopeful there will not be any issues but as we know and have learned the AA IT department is highly unpredictable and anything can happen.  (We also have contingencies for this)

Starting tonight you will start seeing your logbook update daily around 3am.  We picked this time to be in a very low server load time window for American and Envoy Servers as well as all flying is done by this time and prior to the next day starting.

In order for this feature to activate for you, you do need to login to Crew121 and make sure your Employee ID, JetNet Password, and DECs passwords are added to your profile. Click the button below to be taken to your account page to update them.  You will need to make sure you update your passwords in the future if they change

Your passwords are highly encrypted and never shared with us here are Crew121.
[Read our article about passwords here

BUT WAIT there’s more…
With activating SYNC we have moved ALL import tools to its own IMPORT page.  This can be accessed via the AutoPilot > Import menu option in the normal navigation menu.  The “Add Pay Sheet” button on the main flight page is being removed. 

Development continues now on new features such as CSV import/Export options and Carry In Totals as well as expanding the features and reporting tools available

As always I cant thank you enough for your support as we grow and continue offering the best tools around!

AutoPilot – Night Calculations Active

Im proud to say we are pushing out new features quicker than our roadmap for you all! Today we launched night time calculations. Any flight that you add or import will be automatically calculated for night time based off true Civil twilight of your departure and arrival stations. This new feature is a huge compliment to the automatic Cross Country calculations we launched two days ago.

If you see something you would like to see added please reach out to use via support ticket in your panel or via email!

Thank you for trusting Crew121. We are glad to keep raising the bar and adding features for you.

AutoPilot has Launched!

I’m proud to finally release Crew121 to everyone. AutoPilot Logbook is our first product to be released and is currently available now. AutoPilot was designed to allow you to be totally hands off on your logbook and your flights will be loaded daily into your logbook, automatically, both historical data as well as future.

Unfortunately AA IT asked us to disable that until we can go through their approval process. Once that process is complete we will re-enable that feature for all users.

Since AA IT has handcuffed us we decided to do a launch special price of $50/year or $5 per month. Yearly includes FLASHBACK, the ability to import historical data, free of charge and just $30 one time for monthly package.

See how quick it is to import your pay sheet manually – (Automatic is even easier)Sign up now and start getting your logbook updated.

Features being added:
– Carry in Totals
– Import CSV (Including non airline flying)
– Export CSV, PDF, ect in logbook formats
– Smart Reports
– Much more!!

I have several more products coming out in the near future that all tie in together to give everyone one really awesome platform. Stay tuned!

Support is top notch and offered via Chat, Support Ticket, Email, and Slack. We will always respond to you and get any issue resolved.Payments available via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card, or PayPal – Your choice.

AutoPilot in BETA!

We have officially entered beta testing with a small group of pilots. We are excited and are squashing the little bugs that come up. Look for more info soon on our public launch!

AutoPilot Update

We have been working, burning the midnight oil, on our new product called AutoPilot. We are just about a week or so away from our first public beta of the new platform. To say we are excited is an understatement. Creating tools for crew members is our passion. Our job is tough enough and if we can create something for our users to make those daily processes just a little easier, well then our mission is complete.

Look for more information to follow in the coming week and your personal invite to our beta test!

AutoPilot Logbook

We are starting work on a new project. We are calling it AutoPilot Logbook. In response to a popular eLog website having many connection issues we are launching this new tool for the Pilot group! Features will be far more feature rich than the basic logbook site of the past. More information to follow soon and a release to our besta group around the end of February.