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Ladies and Gentlemen – Boys and Girls – Children of all ages

The update we have all been waiting for has finally come….
We are ready to flip the switch on SYNC to automatically update your logbook DAILY!

After extensive testing we are happy to finally bring this feature to life. I am hopeful there will not be any issues but as we know and have learned the AA IT department is highly unpredictable and anything can happen.  (We also have contingencies for this)

Starting tonight you will start seeing your logbook update daily around 3am.  We picked this time to be in a very low server load time window for American and Envoy Servers as well as all flying is done by this time and prior to the next day starting.

In order for this feature to activate for you, you do need to login to Crew121 and make sure your Employee ID, JetNet Password, and DECs passwords are added to your profile. Click the button below to be taken to your account page to update them.  You will need to make sure you update your passwords in the future if they change

Your passwords are highly encrypted and never shared with us here are Crew121.
[Read our article about passwords here

BUT WAIT there’s more…
With activating SYNC we have moved ALL import tools to its own IMPORT page.  This can be accessed via the AutoPilot > Import menu option in the normal navigation menu.  The “Add Pay Sheet” button on the main flight page is being removed. 

Development continues now on new features such as CSV import/Export options and Carry In Totals as well as expanding the features and reporting tools available

As always I cant thank you enough for your support as we grow and continue offering the best tools around!

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